The Rise of Shoplifting & Retail Crime in the UK

The United Kingdom is witnessing a significant rise in shoplifting, with incidents up by 25% in the past year, as indicated by data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This alarming increase in shoplifting comes on the heels of warnings from major retailers regarding the escalating costs associated with thefts from stores.

The ONS report, released on Thursday, reveals that shoplifting offences recorded by police forces in England and Wales have reached 365,164 in the year to June, representing a 25% surge compared to the previous 12 months. This surge in shoplifting incidents is particularly concerning for retailers, who have been grappling with the rising impact of theft on their businesses.

The data highlights the urgent need for effective measures to address the changing dynamics of shoplifting, where criminals are becoming more brazen and incidents are growing in frequency. Major retailers have been vocal about the financial implications of such thefts, emphasizing the importance of a robust response to this evolving threat.

In response to these challenges, advanced security solutions, especially CCTV surveillance, have gained increased importance. AVA Fire and Security, recognising the severity of the situation, offers tailored CCTV and security solutions to address the unique needs of each retail business. Our expertise goes beyond mere equipment installation, encompassing risk assessment, system design, and ongoing support to ensure comprehensive protection against the escalating shoplifting incidents.

In light of these statistics, the importance of investing in high-quality security solutions cannot be overstated. Retailers must reconsider their security strategies and take a proactive stance against the rise in shoplifting incidents. AVA Fire and Security are ready to assist, offering the necessary expertise and technology to safeguard businesses in these challenging times. Retailers looking to protect their premises and protect their future should seriously consider the advanced CCTV and security solutions provided by AVA Fire and Security.

AVA Fire and Security specialises in providing comprehensive security solutions, offering services that encompass the supply, installation, and maintenance of a diverse range of security systems. From cutting-edge CCTV systems to advanced facial recognition technology, AVA Fire and Security is equipped to address the specific needs of businesses and retail establishments. The implementation of these security systems serves not only as a deterrent to retail crime but also as a proactive measure to enhance overall safety and security. AVA’s commitment extends beyond the initial setup, as they ensure the ongoing maintenance and optimisation of these systems, providing clients with peace of mind and a robust defense against evolving security threats.

The AVA Fire and Security your CCTV Partner

If you’re looking to increase the security of your site AVA Fire and Security are the prefered partner to many retailers, supplling and maintaining CCTV systems, Intruder Alarms and access control.

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