The Benefits of Using the Same Partner for Your Fire and Security Needs

Running a business is a formidable task, and the multitude of responsibilities can be overwhelming. Whether you manage an accountancy, a cleaning company, or a food establishment, the goal is often to simplify processes and avoid unnecessary complications. When it comes to addressing fire and security needs, the advantages of streamlining through a single partner become evident.

At AVA Fire and Security, we are dedicated to highlighting the numerous benefits of relying on us as your single-source supplier for both fire and security requirements. 

If you’re considering this approach, here are several compelling advantages to take into account.

Single Point of Contact

Managing multiple vendors can easily lead to confusion, turning even the smallest tasks into time-consuming challenges. Opting for the same provider for both fire and security needs ensures a single point of contact. Whether it’s alarms, fire risk assessments, or CCTV, you’ll have one designated number or email address for all your communications.

Centralised Paperwork

Keeping track of paperwork related to fire risk assessments, purchase orders, receipts, and maintenance evidence can be an administrative task in itself. Choosing one partner for both fire and security effectively centralises your paperwork, offering numerous organisational benefits.

Reduced Visits

Business premises often witness various visits from fire and security partners, ranging from CCTV installations to access control maintenance. By utilising a single provider, businesses can consolidate multiple services into single visits, minimising disruptions to the working day.

Unified Invoicing

Managing payments for services can be complex, especially with various visits from different providers. Opting for a single provider for both fire and security services centralises invoicing, resulting in less paperwork and streamlined payment processes.

The AVA your Fire and Security partner

Going above and beyond to simplify the process of keeping businesses safe, AVA Fire and Security can take over existing fire and security systems. 

Our inclusive approach, covering everything from fire risk assessments to CCTV maintenance and fire extinguishers, not only simplifies management but also unlocks potential savings as more services are added.

AVA Fire and Security are here to help. Get in touch today for a FREE no-obligation quote and site survey. Please give the team a call on 01633 862177 or email us.

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