CCTV and Security for Schools.

Security systems for schools, colleges and universities.

When it comes to securing educational institutions, there are numerous solutions available to ensure a safe environment for students and staff. CCTV surveillance plays a critical role in monitoring who is on the premises and ensuring they are authorised, while access controls and intercom systems provide an added layer of security. 
Fire safety is equally important, with advanced alarms for quick fire detection, portable fire extinguishers, wireless detection systems, and remote monitoring being essential components.
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How do you choose the best security system for your school?

In the UK, numerous companies provide school security solutions, but selecting one with extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining these systems is crucial for achieving effective school security.

Managing a school with hundreds of children, teachers, and staff involves significant responsibility. Ensuring their safety is essential for creating a positive and conducive learning environment. Additionally, it is important to ensure that parents are confident in the school’s security measures and understand their necessity.

This complex task requires a partner who can offer comprehensive security solutions, mitigate risks, and support you with systems that are budget-friendly, purpose-built, and adaptable to future needs as your school evolves.

A school security system typically includes:

At AVA Fire and Security, we specialise in delivering high-end school security systems that are designed to reduce a wide range of threats and are easy to manage and operate for the end user. With over 35 years of experience, AVA Fire and Security is a trusted name in providing effective security systems that truly make a difference.

CCTV for educational facilities

Designing a system that covers all elements identified by a risk assessment typically involves the integration of a number of security systems. We are able to work with you to implement the perfect combination of risk analysis and industry-leading technology, maximising your security at all times.

We offer a range of security services for educational facilities, enabling you to minimise the risks coming from both internal and external sources. By installing intruder alarms, CCTV and access control you will have a highly-effective solution that integrates seamlessly with your premises.

  • Reduce vandalism
  • Keep pupils and staff safe
  • Monitor anti-social behaviour
  • Reduce theft and insurance claims
  • Maintain staff wellbeing and safety
Access Control

Implementing a robust access control system in your educational facility significantly enhances both security and convenience.

Access control systems manage who can enter specific areas within the building; for example, restricting access to the staff room to only teachers. This can be achieved through various identifiers such as keycards, keypads, fobs, biometrics, or access control panels.

These systems allow you to efficiently designate and modify access permissions as needed, providing a vital tool for protecting vulnerable students in a dynamic environment.

Additionally, access control systems can extend beyond the interior of the building. For instance, during events or daily operations, a traffic control system can enhance security and prevent unauthorized parking in your secure car parks.


  • Restrict access to certain zones
  • Reduce theft
  • Minimise the spread of disease

Intruder alarm systems

Schools and educational buildings are often left vacant for extended periods, such as over weekends and holidays, making robust security essential. Staff also have a critical responsibility to ensure student safety. Implementing a comprehensive intruder system can safeguard your premises at all times.

Intruder security systems in schools typically need to be multi-zoned and networked due to the complexity and size of educational buildings. The primary function of such a system is to promptly and effectively alert staff to potential security threats, enabling immediate and appropriate responses such as contacting authorities, deploying security personnel, or activating alarms and panic buttons.

By integrating monitored intruder alarms, panic systems, and external perimeter detection systems, you can ensure a secure environment for both staff and students. These systems can often be accessed remotely via smartphone apps, providing notifications of any security issues, even when you are off-site.


  • Protect staff, patients & visitors
  • Reduce theft
  • 24hr monitoring
  • Instant notification when alarm is triggered
Why choose for AVA Fire and Security?

We have helped design and install cost-effective security systems for local education organisations and ones further afield. From access control and CCTV to intruder alarms, our comprehensive system is designed to ensure the safety of both staff and patients.

Rest assured, our educationla security systems are fully accredited, providing clients with confidence in their effectiveness. We offer a complimentary consultation to assess your facility’s specific needs and requirements. Choose AVA Fire and Security for a tailored and accredited approach to your schools security.

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