New Airbnb Fire Safety Legislation: A Guide for Welsh Hosts

The dynamics of short-term property rentals in the UK, especially for Airbnb hosts, are experiencing a notable transformation. Airbnb hosts have long operated within a regulatory ambiguity, adopting relatively lenient approaches to certain legal obligations. Yet, with the recent legislation implemented on October 1st, it is imperative for hosts to stay informed and adhere to the new regulations. 

In this blog post, we, the team at AVA Fire and Security, will delve into the changes and provide insights for hosts to ensure compliance.

Historically, government advice for owners of holiday lets has been somewhat unclear, resulting in inconsistent safety standards. Despite fire safety compliance always being a legal obligation, numerous hosts were not entirely cognizant of their responsibilities. 

The recent legislation now dictates that individuals renting out a property, even for just one night, must have a documented fire risk assessment in effect.

Key Requirements for Hosts:

  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment: Before accommodating any paying guests, having a mandatory written document is now required, whether it is self-completed or professionally undertaken.
  • Smoke Detectors and Fire Doors: The installation of essential safety measures is imperative. Smoke alarms must be linked to the mains electricity and outfitted with tamper-proof batteries.
  • Regular Testing: Alarms should produce a sound loud enough to awaken someone in deep sleep and must undergo weekly testing.

Throughout our 35 years in the Fire and Security sector, AVA Fire and Security have with many hotels, B&B’s and Airbnb hosts accross South Wales, positioning us as authorities in fire alarm installation and maintenance, conducting comprehensive fire risk assessments, implementing emergency lighting solutions, installing fire doors, and much more. 

The wealth of experience and knowledge we have amassed in this sector uniquely qualifies us as the perfect partner for hosts seeking adept assistance in navigating the intricacies of these new regulations.

If you’re an Airbnb host in need of guidance or services related to fire safety, AVA Fire and Security are here to help. Get in touch today for a FREE no-obligation quote and site survey. Please give the team a call on 01633 862177 or email us.

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