Keep Your Home Safe This Winter

As the days grow shorter and the long nights of winter approach, it becomes increasingly paramount to prioritize the safety and security of your home. With the cover of darkness providing opportunistic moments for intruders, safeguarding your property from potential threats becomes an essential focus.

AVA Fire and Security recognises the importance of protecting your home, especially during the winter when unoccupied homes become potential targets. To counteract this vulnerability, we offer valuable tips to empower homeowners in enhancing their security measures.

As the winter chill sets in, it’s crucial to not only brace your home physically but also to fortify it against potential intruders seeking to take advantage of the prolonged darkness.

Follow our simple tips, to protect your home.

  • Ensure your alarm system is always activated when leaving home, and maintain regular servicing—annually or biannually for monitored systems.
  • Draw curtains closed as darkness falls to conceal valuable items within your home.
  • Invest in security lighting to discourage burglars from targeting your property.
  • Refrain from leaving spare keys outside or in easily discoverable locations. Instead, entrust them to a reliable neighbor, friend, or relative.
  • Before departing, double-check that all doors and windows are securely locked. Avoid leaving keys in locks, making them susceptible to fishing attempts.
  • Exercise caution about sharing holiday plans on social media, as opportunistic thieves may exploit this information to target vacant homes.
  • Enhance your property’s security with locked gates and tall fences or walls, limiting access to the back and sides.
  • Use timer switches on lights to create the illusion of occupancy, even when your home is unattended.
  • Conceal Christmas presents and high-value items from window view to deter potential thieves.

By adhering to these fundamental security practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of a break-in during the winter months

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