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We take pride in our innovative long-term solutions providing low lifecycle costs and true value for money coupled with exceptional and personal customer service. We can provide bespoke fire alarm systems of any Level and Grade to protect your staff, customers, visitors and assets.


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Protecting properties and lives

A fire alarm is an important safety component for any business. It can help protect your business assets as well as help prevent loss of life. There are many different types of alarm and detection system and we work with you to provide the right one that suits the nature of your business and also the risk of fire that your business may face.

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and installing fire alarm systems AVA are able to evaluate the movements on your site and business activities. Then we make an accurate assessment and recommendation to make sure your solution offers you optimum site safety.

Depending on your business, we will offer detectors that suit your environmental needs. We make sure that you have the right detectors for your business as this enables the correct and speedy  detection of fires and also helps prevent false alarms.

In the UK, it’s a legal requirement for buildings to have fire safety equipment installed. In 2018/9, fires where a smoke alarm was not present accounted for 25% (7,446) of dwelling fires and 28% (55) of all dwelling fire-related fatalities (

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

The commercial fire alarm system needed to protect your workplace will depend on your individual premises and work function. Certain detection systems available include:

  • Heat Detectors — A heat detector is designed to be triggered and set off an alarm to alert building residents of a fire. The trigger will be activated when the system detects a predetermined temperature. This will be extreme temperatures and therefore unlikely to be set off by warmer weather
  • Smoke Detectors — Once installed, a smoke detector will identify particles in the air produced by fire smoke. It will then trigger an alarm to alert residents of an emergency so they can safely evacuate with minimal damage.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – When certain carbon monoxide fire detectors are used in commercial buildings they are able to alert any potential fires. Certain systems have the ability to filter out particles found in smoke to only detect carbon monoxide. This fire alarm system is only effective for certain types of fire.


Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Repair

Commercial fire alarm maintenance is crucial to provide adequate protection to your workplace. We recommend that a delegated, trained individual carries out this task on a weekly (or monthly) basis to ensure your fire systems remain in line with the recommended requirements.

Professional fire safety experts, such as our team at A&E, must periodically carry out checks to ensure that every prevention is working as it should be. Our specialists are trained to easily identify faults with batteries, wiring, panelling and the general integrity of your fire safety equipment, and then quickly find the solution.

If your fire safety system is identified as faulty, we are able to provide commercial fire alarm repairs to ensure they’re working correctly again. This is an incredibly important step to provide safety in the workplace and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every 6 Months - Your fire alarm system should be serviced at least once every six months as recommended in BS-5839. This is to ensure everything is working correctly. 

  1.  Test the system, such as smoke and fire detectors as per the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications. 
  2. Simulations of inputs and annunciator testing.
  3. Set, or reset the sensitivity. This requires specific knowledge of the fire alarm system. 
  4. Test the alert system to the fire department to ensure it's working correctly. 
  5. Check the battery for corrosion or expiry and take necessary action if needed.

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